Honda Lightweight Water Pumps (WX Range)

A compact, lightweight and portable range of commercial grade Honda petrol pumps.

We supply these pumps with 5m Green Medium Duty Suction Inlet Hose, 5m PVC Layflat Outlet Hose and Strainer as standard. If you require the pump only, opt out of this option below.

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  • Reliable, low-emission and low-vibration pumps with automatic decompression to enable a quick and easy start.
  • The Oil Alert™ feature also prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe level.
  • Honda WX pumps are hard-wearing and durable, with a specialised 360° lubrication system in the WX10 enabling it to work at any angleeven if it has tipped over.
  • The maximum height these lightweight pumps can force water from suction head to discharge head is 40m.
  • Durable mechanical seals keep water away from the engine, and in-built strainers ensure no oversized debris gets through.
  • Able to move up to 240 litres per minute with their hard-working 4-stroke, 7000rpm engines.
  • These pumps are exceptional for their size, and perfect for simple jobs.

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WX10, WX15

Supplied with hoses & strainer?

Yes, please., No, thanks. Pump only.