Our Story

How it Began

Commercial and Industrial Gauges Ltd (CIG Ltd) was established in 1989 by Cliff Stockton and Roy Tune in order to supply good quality, well priced equipment into the water industry.

The privatisation of the water industry in the same year brought about stringent laws to ensure customers within local water authorities were not compromised with regard to service levels (known as “Customer Care”). One of these laws stipulated that every customer within an authority’s area would be guaranteed a level of service with regard to minimum water pressure & flow values in all properties. Naturally, there was a demand to provide equipment to enable those values to be measured and we are proud to have developed the first “Customer Care Kit”.

One of the main components of the Customer Care Kit was the “Flow Cup”, which was manufactured by a company called Instruments & Gauges. We purchased our first flow cup in 1989 and within two years became their number one customer. In the early 1990’s, the owner of Instruments and Gauges, Gordon Bradford, was looking to retire and offered his company to CIG Ltd to purchase, giving us a great opportunity to expand our offerings. This began our ongoing journey of further expansion and business acquisitions, thus founding the CIG Ltd “Group” structure.

After developing the very first Flow and Pressure Test Kits, we went on to supply and manufacture a range of equipment to “Clean Water, Network Inspectors”.


CIG Ltd first opened for business at Bersham Enterprise Centre, but as our range and scope of products grew, we moved into larger premises and extended our workforce.

Roy Tune (who had an electrical background) decided his future lay within his trade, and he was bought out by the remaining partner.

Richard Plumb, who was quickly snapped up following the demise of the engineering company for which he worked, was Managing Director until his retirement at the end of 2023. David Tilston, who has worked for CIG Ltd since the 1990’s, is now a director along with Roger Thomas. Both David & Roger are now at the forefront of employing key personnel to strengthen and further our development.

In 1996 we acquired additional premises to house our machine shop and extra engineering staff came on board to assist with design and manufacturing capabilities. Our range of equipment continued to develop in conjunction with water and associated industry customer requirements.

In 2006 our continued growth and success meant that we could expand even further, and a custom designed 16,000 sq ft unit was built on Wrexham Industrial Estate which included a trade counter and service and repair centre. Having new and larger premises meant that we could close our original two units, relocate all of our workforce, significantly expand our product range and target a wider customer base.

In 2014 we purchased a blacksmiths/foundry which has given us more control over the manufacture of our range of forged steel products such as valve keys and lifting keys.

In 2019 we purchased a small engineering company which has further enhanced our manufacturing and design facilities.

Where are We Now?

We now employ over 25 members of staff at our Wrexham site and continue to supply directly to UK Water Companies, their contractors, and a number of distributors. Our core business ethic remains to supply quality products and be available to assist with customer requirements and, where possible, support with the manufacture of our own (and customers’) designs for new and innovative products.

The Secret of Our Success

There are many factors involved in our success:

  • Our Staff – Our team have a vast level of experience and a blend of talent that has kept us moving forward in the right direction. Good people make good business!
  • Product Development – We try to be at the forefront of product development whilst being mindful of ever-changing technology and legislation.
  • Valued Acquisitions – We are always looking for valued acquisitions to improve the diversity of our range of offerings.
  • Continual Improvement – We invest in our people and have a long-term strategy to provide training to staff to enable them to achieve recognised qualifications.
  • Communication – We listen to our customers and give great advice – even if it does not end in a sale.
  • Honesty – We are always honest when dealing with customers and suppliers.
  • Hard Work & Commitment – Both are qualities we champion within the working ethos of the group.
  • Going the Extra Mile – We listen to our customers and always try to exceed their requirements.
  • Luck – We have been in the right place at the right time!

Environmental Awareness

We are very aware of our responsibility to the environment and continue to reduce our carbon footprint by keeping a proactive attitude towards decreasing the impact of our manufacturing processes.

By introducing recycling of waste, cardboard, plastic and metals, and installing LED lighting, CIG Ltd has a directive to ensure that its impact on the environment is as low as possible.

Through a longstanding and ongoing agreement with the North Wales Wildlife Trust, we ensure that our industrial presence is being offset by a commitment to enable local wildlife to survive and thrive.