Meet Our Team

Our Sales Team

Within the picture we have Cliff, Richard, Roger, Dave, Nigel, Kevin, Stu, Steve and Gavin. Team quote is “being charming is my hobby” – said none of the team! But, with over 50 years combined sales experience, how can they not be charming. (It’s not the most flattering photo of the team, but don’t worry another one is on its way.)

Our Accounts Team

Our accounts team is made up of Danielle, Emery, Emma and Paula. Three of which are featured within our photo. With great power comes great responsibility, and we feel the accounts team take this role very seriously. (This is what happens when you take the photo in the evening! Don’t worry another one is on it’s way too)

Warehouse Department

Within the picture we have Dave, Dan, Danny, Mark and Tom. Between them they are responsible for booking stock in, sending out parcels and completing deliveries within our vans (hence the odd one out in the middle). Don’t they look happy chappy’s, that’s just the affect we have on our staff, what can we say?

Our Manufacturing Department

Our manufacturing department is made up of Matt, Mike, Gaz, Paul and Pete. These folks are responsible for all the jiggery pokery that happens within the machine shop. Look at them all stood there (enter serious boyband pose), it’s the boy band we did not know we needed!