“High & Low” Pressure & Flow Kit


  • Strong carry case with custom foam inlay.
  • Static assembly with a ball valve and Quickfit coupling.
  • 80mm, glycerine filled, 0-70m/7 bar gauge with probe and rubber cover.
  • 80mm, glycerine filled, 0-200m/20 bar gauge with probe and rubber cover.
  • 25l/5 gallon Flow Cup indicator.
  • 8″ pocket stethoscope.
  • Coiled blue nylon recoil hose with nickel plated Quickfit coupling.
  • 1/2″ hose end connector
  • 4 different Hozelock adaptors.
Category: SKU: KITS000050(B)


A kit for testing the pressure and flow of mains water. Includes gauge with wider range for higher pressure measurement.